What is a Landing Page? Why is it Important?

What is a Landing Page? Why is it Important?

As you dive into the digital marketing sea, you might hear about the term “landing page”, but what is a landing page?

In digital marketing, a landing page is a specific web page where a user lands by clicking on a link in an email, advertisement, youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform on the web. 

Unlike other web pages, the landing page has a specific goal to encourage visitors to take action which is known as CTA (Call To Action). It sounds simple creating it, and it is. 

Although, it has a focused purpose, and it’s the next step for the visitor to become the customer.

All these factors make it the best way to boost conversions and sales.

Landing Page VS. Homepage: What’s the Difference?

The homepage can have a ton of links for various purposes, while the landing page is designed for a specific purpose. 

The homepage has many links and a dozen distractions, while the landing page is super focused. Therefore, that’s the reason it boosts conversions and sales. 

Most of the expert marketers use dedicated pages to increase their engagements.

Of course, homepages look great because they’re designed to represent your brand or website. However, not for the focused task to make a visitor perform an action. 

Why Landing Page is Important?

Have you created your website or brand well-planned? Now want to make sure that your work pays off by converting into sales? So if you’re looking for an effective way that can boost your conversions then the landing page is good to go with. 

It is a great way to drive traffic, convert visitors into customers and it can also be a part of your PPC strategy. 

Moreover, the aim is to lead customers to a specific product or service page and encourage them to make a purchase or take an action. 

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