What is a Link Tracker

What is a Link Tracker

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So What is a link tracker? It is software to track particular links that you want to, it shows the number of clicks that you’re receiving on that link. 

Simply, it is used to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign. You should always use a tracking link when you’re directing traffic to your URL from an outside source such as email, PPC campaigns, social media, sponsored posts, and banner ads, etc. 

There are a variety of trackers available in the market, and it’s fairly easy to set up a tracker on the website. It’s a simple code that you have to add somewhere in your website, the most preferable to add into your header. 

Trackers aren’t just for websites, you can use them to track any URL for any purpose. 

For instance: Ads companies use link trackers to track the number of clicks and impressions on their ads. 

It’s highly helpful to check that you’re getting correct results on your PPC campaign.

A convenient way to check the analytics of your marketing campaign, and to gauge the effectiveness of your strategy. Those numbers could help you to improve your marketing strategy. 

Why Do I Need a Link Tracker?

It’s a great way to check how many clicks you’re getting on the particular link. It helps to improve the strategy if you’re not getting satisfactory results.

If you want to promote a particular link, you can use a link tracker to check how many people are visiting. 

It’s vital for marketing and can give a boost to your sales. Analytics plays a great role in marketing. Even though, it is necessary when you’re building an online business. 

Link tracker provides you the analytics that where conversions are coming from, this will help you to decide where you need to focus more. 

Iron Funnel Link Tracker

It was our first tool ever!. Why? Because we wanted to help our customers to track the interest of their followers about a topic, a product, service, etc.. Also help them to control the results of paid campain that charge for traffic (CPC) and measure the impact of certain influencers hired to promote a brand or product.

Our Link Tracker don’t need changes on your website, even work with the website of somebody else, yes!! you can messure your followers attraction for a product or topic promoted in ANY website. Magic?, no… just technology.

Learn more about Iron Funnel Link Trackerhttps://ironfunnel.com/link-tracker:

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