What is an Email Tracker?

What is an Email Tracker?

In the post, we will guide you about the importance of an email tracker. But firstly, we should know about What is an Email Tracker. 

How many times you have sent emails, and waited for a response? And wondered that what happened to it? In fact, we all face that kind of problem.

In that situation, some questions came into the mind like: did our recipient received the mail? Or is it goes into the spam box? Or have they checked or clicked? To clear all these confusions, we have just one solution which is called Email Tracker.

The tracking software tracks delivered mail and lets us know when the prospect opens it and clicks on the attachments/links. 

It is another powerful marketing tool that helps us to build a strong relationship with the customers. 

People often don’t even click on unread emails, it’s hard to compete in a crowded inbox. Although, the tracking tool helps us to compete in a huddled inbox.

Moreover, the software boosts productivity and efficiency and helps to get more leads. 

What is an Email Tracker?

Email tracking is the process of tracking sent emails, and use that data to get more leads.

Simply, Email Tracker is the software that we can use for tracking mails. It is remarkably helpful to get more leads and sales.

The tracking data includes:

  • Open Rates
  • Click Rates
  • The attachment opens and more

The data isn’t 100% accurate, but accurate enough to provide valuable information to marketers, salespersons, and business owners. 

How does it Work?

Email Tracker notifies you when someone opened or clicked your delivered mail. The tracker places an invisible image into an email, which detects the exact time and date of the actions performed by the recipient.

What are the Benefits?

These are some key benefits, we have mentioned below:

  • Saves time
  • More accurate follow-ups
  • Guage quality easier
  • A better understanding of the prospect 
  • Provides unique insight

Iron Funnel Email Tracker

Yes!. Iron Funnel already has an email tracking tool. And not just for email tracking, but also for customer journey tracking. How?. Iron Funnel Email Tracker Connection with Iron Funnel Link Tracker, Iron Funnel Pixel (Web Tracker) and other tracking services provided by Iron Funnel Suite.

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