What is Opt-in Email Marketing?

What is Opt-in Email Marketing?

Opt-in is permission-based email marketing to get the audience’s email addresses. Email can be collected in various ways such as providing a free download, trail-subscription, newsletter, or any other offer. However, the most popular example of an Opt-in Email is the newsletter.

As we know, even large businesses offer to subscribe to their newsletter, and the audience starts receiving emails about their services, products, and offers.

Instead of sending emails blindly to people who are not even interested in your offers, Opt-in marketing allows you to send emails to those people who have willingly given their email addresses.

Although, it’s like you’re spending time on the audience who already know about your brand.

It allows you to have ongoing communication with your audience who like to receive content from you.

Let’s know more about What is Opt-in Email Marketing?

It’s a marketing campaign that uses permission-based email collection methods. Once you have a potential customer email address, you can add it to your mail list. 

For example: if someone subscribes to your newsletter on the first interaction with your brand, then you can send offers to make them your potential customer. Also, if someone purchases your services, then you can send them more interesting offers. Eventually, you’ll boost your sales, profit, and engagements. 

It’s similar to lead nurturing, if you don’t know what it is, just click here to read.

Spam Emails Vs. Opt-in

Word spam doesn’t sound good, right? But the truth is Opt-in email can also go to spam! Yes, it could happen when you do over marketing, send too many emails in a short period, and use salesly language. 

However, if you use this strategy in the right way that Iron Funnel uses, then nothing to worry about. 

On the other hand, if you just blindly send emails to everyone, then there are more chances that your email goes directly to the spam folder. 

Therefore, Opt-in marketing is the only choice and Iron Funnel is here to plan the right strategy for your business. 

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